Thursday, 15 December 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts- here is what i have been up to---work, party, family stuff, work, work, you get the picture. So now I have a raging cold but last night I went round my dear friend Anna's for yummy dinner (mango, prawn and sweet potatoe thai curry) we then watched Dont tell teh bride, my big fat gypsy christmas wedding and the first two episodes of This is England 88.I have loved Shane Meadows for many years now and even did my dissertation on him so it does excite me everytime he releases something. I love the styling of the series as well as the cinematography. I also think Lol and Woody need to get back together- I am getting far to involved- but that is the beauty of a good programme right.

Behold stills taken on my new iphone (also something im happy about).

In other news im mega excited for Christmas and the coming parties and will try and update far more regularly.

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