Monday, 19 November 2012

Argo Fest

Argo Fest

Argo Fuck Yourself

As usual last Wednesday I went to the cinema with the boy, we went to see Argo, which is one of the best films that I have seen this year!

It is so well balanced (not too USA biased which I was worried about), gripping, exciting and Affleck's jaw is hidden by a beard so great all round really. The cast is amazing, Bryan Cranston (breaking bad) Alan Arkin & John Goodman all feature, the 70s fashions are a dream and you you learn a bit about the Middle Eastern conflict at that time.

I am hoping to find some books about Affleck's character as it really is so interesting #geek

I'd give it 4.5 popcorns out of 5!

Unfortunately the boy is busy this wednesday so our usual cinema date will be on hold, but I will start to do a little review each Wednesday from next week.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

oh err Mrs

I am a sucker for a good TV Drama and ITV are killing it at the moment with Mrs Biggs (which is just my style, uber retro with big red hair) and The Bletchley Circle which was so clever. I wish I could be part of the writing team for such gripping stories that come straight to your tele box!

....behold picture of Sheridan Smith looking AMAZING as Mrs Biggs.

In news that involves me occasionally leaving the house, I am now an Auntie to the most beautiful Baby Boy in the whole wide world, (obviously) Axel.

Work is tinkering along, a new catalogue will be live in 2 weeks-there is always a sense of achievement when a project is finished.

Plus my lovely guy has arranged a few things for us to do this month including going to an indoor forest, a gig of a band I like and a surprise (!) which I literally have no idea what it is.

So lot sof things to be cheerful about.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

NYFW style

NYFW style

If I was at NYFW this is what I would wear. Yes to Green & Black... Apparently there was some kind of slapping at NYFW  how ridiculous that someone would get so upset about not having a Front Row seat..imagine having that big an Ego it is insane. 

Wish I was in NY though, instead I am at work in West London (the worst bit of London in my humble opinion) and I need to go into central this evening to get a Birthday present but I am really tired & kind of want to go home & have my dinner....thinking sausage & mash if your interested.

Sorry that was not a particularly cheerful post...naughty!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oh my girl, where have you been?

This blog was originally founded in order to make me think of something cheerful each day even if I didn't feel much like being cheerful...however I have gone a bit by the way side and so in the absence of the job of my dreams I reclaim my seat in forcing myself to look on the bright side of things which are currently.....
1. the fact that in 20 days my sister is due to have her first baby & Im gona be an aunt! AMAZING
2. my boyfriends beard
3. Hannah has moved near me

Right lets get some pictures up eh

....I went to Portugal with my girl friends we sat on the beach, went to slide & splash & ate lots of yummy foods.

Plus I went to the last event of the Olympics to see GB get a silver it was rad...Thanks Dad for the tickets x

Friday, 18 May 2012

paisley on acid

paisley on acid

Log 2

So it seems that I have been bloody useless at actually updating this blog...but I have been pretty busy..we won an award for our first catalogue & ive been producing this one.

Ive also been writing weekly articles for

& generally working hard.

Will try to update more though...not that im overly interesting so yep thats it...oh im baby sitting a kitten this weekend, his name is buddy & he is gorgeous.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Busy at work working on the next catalogue, here is the old one....we won an Ecmod award for this one, I was pretty pleased about that, as I enjoy working on the catalogue.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Brighton ROCKS

So I nipped down to Brighton on Saturday with my beau. We have pain au chocolate in bed then caught the train with a coffee. (I also painted anchors on my nails because I am that cool!) When we got there we walked round the lanes & he bought two really nice shirts. Then we went for enormous fish & chips, which I have been going on about for weeks. Once we were so full we couldn't move (the fish was bigger than my face) we walked down to the peer then we walked round the pavilion, then back for a bit more shopping & the pub. When we got home I fell asleep in front of Match of the day all tuckered out! HEAVEN.

Friday, 2 March 2012

I couldnt have tried any more

2 of my best friends just got a puppy called Maggie May, she is a cross between a jack russell & a chihuahua, or a jackahuahua if you will!? Last night I got so many cuddles with her. She is small enough to fit in one hand and the most beautiful thing, cant wait to take her on walkies! Plus as a Rod Stewart fan I love her name too!

Meet the parents

I went to Sunny Clacton to meet his parents at the weekend and I had a great weekend full of yummy pie & mash, one to many vodka & lemonades and I even go to wear my new Tom Ford sunglasses and new wedged desert boots!

This weekend we are going back to the coast but this time Brighton then he will meet my parents (scary stuff). x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Make me up, make me down

I have just started working a bit with beauty pro and make up artist to the stars Karen Alder!

Im doing a few bits & bobs on her blogs... which you can check out here and here. I am really excited to get these pages all sorted out and looking as amazing as the make up that she did on one of my absolute idols..Debbie Harry for the Times! Othere amazing people she makes up are the likes of Kylie & Minnie Driver as wella s working for companies such as Agent Provocateur.

...Also she is such a nice lady and has created a lipstick for the Princes Trust.

Ps if anyone could let me look like Debbie Harry that would be great, thankies x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Good Wholesome Fun

In unglam, unfashionable news last night I baked Jammy Biscuits, They are so easy to make- i will put the recipe on my weekly food column over at next week.

 I then painted my nails inspired by my super cute Valentines card (it even has a badge on-he knows me so well!!!) That is a real happy day when you get time to bake, draw hearts on your nails and watch loads of tv on iplayer!

Very Valentino

Ok so its LFW starting today- I love that for some it is the complete epicentre of their year and for us normal people it passes with very little fuss, I for one am going to the country for the weekend so will be avoiding all this fashionable which is just as well as I woke up late and am dressed as a hobo, big issue any one?!

But in the spirit if Fashion week I  thought I would post a few of my favourite outfits throughout the week

...not from London but NY, I adore these outfits from Valentino - when I win the lottery eh?!.......

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Well it is Valentine's day and I am happy to say that I have a lovely boyfriend who is really nice to me. Last week I was feeling particularly sad so he bought we a chocolate flower to make me laugh with smushyness!

As well as that I have been having lovely evenings with my friends going to see Brand New (my fav band whenI was 18-mega cool I know) going back to my uni town of Nottingham to dance to 90s hip-hop, walking down by the Thames after staying over at my oldest friends house (one of my favourite things to do-some people just make you feel like your at home) snowed!

So you will get a post tomorrow once I have had my Valentines dinner with my lovely man friend tonight- we're going to have a laid back curry at our local and I am hoping for heart shaped naans the perfect mix of everyday romance!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

spring time

spring time

I am looking forward to going shopping with the boy this weekend and buying some pastel coloured things to prepare for spring. Also excited to help him pick a birthday present for his niece- any excuse to get excited over pink glitter!

Wonder if we go to Brighton or Stratfield (westfield in Stratford)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Long time

Long time no post basically lots of lovely things have happened. Firstly there was Christmas which is always a joy, secondly I found my self a really lovely man.

I have been having weekly articles published over at about make up and recipes so go check them out.

I have been catching up with lots of friends and going to see lots of gigs so everything is pretty good at the moment.

I promise to actually write a proper post this week. xx