Friday, 29 April 2011

By the Grace of God

HRH The Duchess of Cambridgeshire looked so simply beautiful in her wedding to Prince William today, her stunning Sarah Burton dress reminded me of Grace Kelly's (the MOST beautiful Princess of all time) dress when she gt married way back when.

Congrats to the happy couple. I officially have wedding fever and cannot wait for my friend Hannah's wedding in 2 weeks time, unfortunately Prince Harry will not be attending... sad face!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


My gorgeous cousin ran the marathon as did a friend of mine, I went up to watch and was so proud that they both did so well and finished in great time. True inspirations both of them. xxx

Friday, 22 April 2011

Colour me in

I got a new job! at gorgeous interiors e-tailer Bodie & Fou. YAY!

Sometimes things feel a bit grey but you have to look for the colour, so here are some lovely shorts commissioned by Kate Spade, it is a different colour for each month of the year- can't wait to see Mays!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cheer up music

Just in case you need cheering up today...

Let Them Eat Cake

1 of the things that I really like are cakes, yummy, pretty cakes with effort that's gone into them, they look delicate and simple, cute and fancy, they remind me of the English countryside and they always look soft and sweet never hard or mean. I love looking at them almost as much as I love eating them...check out these old fashion editorials using yummy cakes as props!

Plus the Campbell is in there and she is buff!

Scrumptious x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Vintage Guide

Hello, a little piece I did on the illamasqua course is now up on The Vintage guide to London
please check it out!

The site has loads of great info on what is happening around London with a vintage twist from themed club nights, speakeasy's, to fairs, shops and everything in between.

In fact I will be at Rock-a-hula at the Bloomsbury bowling lanes this weekend doing some vintage style hunting for the sight so come down and see me please!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Girls with glasses

Why is it so hard to find photos of celebrities and models wearing glasses they can't all have 20:20 vision. But here is Claudia proving being a '4 eyes' can be super sexy and LEnnon proving that they do make you more of a genius. Plus I had to add my childhood hero Sophie from The BFG. HAH!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cover Up

Cover corner!

Hearing a song done is a completely different way lets me appreciate peoples creativity, personal style and the fluidity of tastes and good work.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Ginger Cake

One of my many likes is mum, the flavour, cats and celebrities. I have a secret girl crush on Nicola Roberts & Karen Gillan, they can't help but stand out amongst the crowd and the fact that it is usually packaged with milky skin and a demure style leaves me saying peaches n' cream yes please!

Here are my pick of the bunch Karen G-unknown- Karen Elson-Frank Gallows-Florence Welch-Mulberry Ad-Tina Louise-Nicola R

Yum yum

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oki Doki

Well now my mammoth task of posting my 4 illamasqua blogs is done so here is a quick round up of things that I have been up to these include....mooching around the east end between copious amounts of interviews (do you like my photo of an east end fish shop?), going charity shop shopping with the little sis ( I bought these glasses and some jeans-pug got an amazing ceramic dalmation worth £100 plus pounds by Beswick for a tenner-great find little one well done! Also as usual I am on the dachshund spot- here is a display at Lipsy in westfield with a cute one!
I have also had to have my hair cut due to the amount of meds im on ruining the condition- but on the plus side it does look in better condition, so thats about it.

60s Make Up

Our final afternoon revolved around the 60s-which we were particularly well placed for as we were at Illamasqua's stand alone store just off the iconic Carnaby Street!

This look comprising of a split-lid look, simple toned pallet, bare face and nude lip was the most technically difficult due to all of the lines and such, but it is so effective once complete that it is worth the frustration!

I went for a matte turquoise from the new Toxic Nature range, loads of black eyeline, drawn on bottom lashes and natural eyebrows.

This look takes lots of time and is definitely one for me to keep practicing-luckily Amy has that bombshell hair which carried the look off perfectly!!!

My points of reference for this 60s glamazon look were Barbarella, Twiggy (obv) and Vogue Magazine Covers from the era.

Keep coming back to see me putting these lessons into action x

My points

40s/50s Make up

Day 2 moved on to 1940s and 1050s starlet make up which I was very excited about as I have a penchant for winged eyeliner and red lips.

Our lovely tutor Claire showed up how to do the luminescent 1940s base, snarled red lips with 'shoulder pads' and then how to move this into the 50s with a more shapely brow (j'adore) and of course lashings of winged eyeliner. I usually use a liquid eyeliner and creating the same look with powder is actually quite tricky but with a few 'skin sketching' secret tips it was made a lot easier.

Day two I had the charming Amy as my model.

My next mission is to create a bolder 50s look with a modern twist but I must say I thoroughly enjoy creating a true to era look with this one!

Inspiration was of course the classics Doris Day & Marilyn Monroe.