Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Les Romantiques

It was Valentines Day on Thursday but we were busy so postponed until Friday. My boyfriend told me to meet  him in South Kensington at 5.45 and that was all the info I had....

He took me to The Big Easy in Chelsea which is officially my new favourite restaurant we had steak & lobster with beautiful chips- great hunks of meat and salty fleshy lobster it was devine, plus the Margaritas are to die for and to be honest if I could be hooked up to an IV drip of them I would be! After donning our bibs and eating until we couldn't really move my lovely date suggested a drink at a nearby pub. (Everyone should go eat at Big Easy, Im going to book a table for my birthday it is so yummy & reasonably prices & a great atmosphere)

We had a half and then when I thought we were gona go home he pushed me into the nearest cinema and went to the booth to collect tickets! He took me to see Les Miserables which I had wanted to see when it  came out but he thought it was lame & girly so we ended up missing it but as it was Valentines he sucked it up and came to a musical movie! (quick review of the film...it was really engaging and emotive, the singing was terrible in parts, great in others and the settings & costumes were as great as expected- I enjoyed it very much & have been singing the songs since) For me it's little things like that which make me smile.

So although I had a shitty week I am a very happy girl.

Plus I cooked a roast & a crumble at the weekend and went to a party with all my girl friends.


Last Wednesday as usual, my gentlemen friend & I walked briskly in the cold to our loval cinema...this week the heating was actually working there so we quickly warmed  :)

We went to see Flight. It was really good, very intense, with brilliant acting from Denzel Washington, it was overall a really interesting story (I believe that it is based on a real life story). It had a few laughs and few tears, my only complaint would be that about 20mins in the middle were a bit repetitive and could have been cut out..he gets drunk...pisses someone off & does it again..It felt a bit like time filling until his trial. But overall pretty good film, worth a watch.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Last week was a VERY busy week, it was my boyfriends 30th so I took him to Paris for the day as a surprise and then organised a birthday party for him including baking an epic cake that took me 4 hours, dressing up a room in a pub etc so now I am exhausted, although I think he felt spoiled and happy so it was worth it.

As well as all of that we did manage to get to the cinema on Wednesday, we saw Lincoln, my boyfriend fell asleep halfway through-so that s a pretty good review..despite the fact that it looked amazing and is an interesting story with great actors the whole think is just one big monologue with very little pace change so it was a bit underwhelming, plus the heating in the cinema was broken which doesn't make for a great time.....off to see Flight this week hopefully it will be better!

We watched Inglorious Bastards whilst hungover yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed that, very funny with great costumes and a surprising twists..Tarantino is king.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Orange Wednesdays

So my sporadic posts aren't up to much but I thought I would put a few movie posts up, The boy & I went to 30something films last year at the cinema & intend to smash that total this year (wild aren't we?!)

Last week was Gangster Squad (which I was excited about for weeks as a massive Ryan Gosling fan) and It didn't disappoint, a real glossy Hollywood film with great casting, great set design, amazing costumes, a humorous script & a good story. I thoroughly enjoyed it & wish I looked like Emma Stone!!!

This week was the turn of Django Unchained! This film is rad! The last blaxplotation film I saw was Sweetsweetsweetbackbadass so im not really up on the genre but Tarantino translated it so well into this powerful, gorgeous looking, genre film. It is so cool, like effortlessly cool with huge gore scenes and a great sound track plus Jamie Foxx is great in it. It was a bit weird seeing Jonah Hill pop up as a minor character (I found that kinda distracting and would've cast someone else) and it is very long (physically long but really holds your interest throughout-i almost wet myself because I didn't want to leave the film but needed the loo). Plus the posters are cool...as expected!

So next week I think it'll be Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Argo Fest

Argo Fest

Argo Fuck Yourself

As usual last Wednesday I went to the cinema with the boy, we went to see Argo, which is one of the best films that I have seen this year!

It is so well balanced (not too USA biased which I was worried about), gripping, exciting and Affleck's jaw is hidden by a beard so great all round really. The cast is amazing, Bryan Cranston (breaking bad) Alan Arkin & John Goodman all feature, the 70s fashions are a dream and you you learn a bit about the Middle Eastern conflict at that time.

I am hoping to find some books about Affleck's character as it really is so interesting #geek

I'd give it 4.5 popcorns out of 5!

Unfortunately the boy is busy this wednesday so our usual cinema date will be on hold, but I will start to do a little review each Wednesday from next week.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012