Thursday, 15 December 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts- here is what i have been up to---work, party, family stuff, work, work, you get the picture. So now I have a raging cold but last night I went round my dear friend Anna's for yummy dinner (mango, prawn and sweet potatoe thai curry) we then watched Dont tell teh bride, my big fat gypsy christmas wedding and the first two episodes of This is England 88.I have loved Shane Meadows for many years now and even did my dissertation on him so it does excite me everytime he releases something. I love the styling of the series as well as the cinematography. I also think Lol and Woody need to get back together- I am getting far to involved- but that is the beauty of a good programme right.

Behold stills taken on my new iphone (also something im happy about).

In other news im mega excited for Christmas and the coming parties and will try and update far more regularly.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

take it for free

i would love to give lots of nice things to all of my friends and family becasue quite simply they are all amazing and i wouldnt have got through this year without them. so please take what you need babes. x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Chollaween

This is a belated post about the joys of Halloween. I had such an epic weekend. My friends came rounds to my flat we covered ourselves in fake blog, ate sweets, drank rum and watched Xfactor then once I was suitable dressed up as a Zombie Chola (female LA MExican gansta) we went to Electric like Whoopi at the Macbeth to dance to Chris Cuffs amazingly good set, we played dice with some fellas, drank more, then went to two house parties in Stoke NEwington and wound up getting home pretty late followed by a morning of watching Lords of Dogtown and going for a roast. PERFECT.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Professor

If anyone wants cheering up, listen to a bit of Prof Green his lyrics are too witty and hit beats infectious, this first album has got me bobbing my head all day.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Make it up

I really like all things 60s the make up, the hair, the music all of it and recently I have been browsing images of 20s stuff too as I love Art Deco, so here are a few make up inspiration images for me to try and do some similar looks next time I have a night out somewhere nice.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Laura Love

Last night I went to see Laura Marling on her UK cathedral tour, entitled When the Bell Tolls.
Westminster Central Hall "is not actually a cathedral", but as a functioning Methodist church, there was no alcohol served at the bar ( I had a diet coke and  bag of chips!), the ceilings were high and the acoustics amazing!
She had a lovely band of banjo. cello playing types, and Laura herself flitted between two acoustic guitars and some fantastic whistling!
She played all her great songs Sofia, Night Terror and  Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)which were all hauntingly beautiful, it was hairs on the back of the neck stuff especially as the themes of her songs tend to be love, with rhetoric about religion. Plus I got to go with my lovely friend Miller. When we left Big Ben was just chiming ten and the Abbey opposite was all lit up, it felt really special and beautiful, a great experience, very different from the usual gigs I go to!


To cheer up one of my lovely BF's here is a picture of a daschund. One day we will have one each and they will be friends too!
These pictures are of pinterest and are not my own fyi.

I will do a Laura Marling post later as I went to her gig at Westminster last night and it was amazing, very very special.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

This guy

This little fella looks like my pride and joy- my Norweigan forest cat. When I am blue, I like to hang out with him, because I am mega cool like that.