Tuesday, 22 March 2011

From Montreal with love

J'aime Coeur De Pirate how about you?

Double Trouble

Nothing says spring to me like editorials featuring gal pals it conjures up road trips and days out with a care free attitude. J'aime! Here are two such images from W and Vogue China. In other girl on girl news I have joined the London Feminist Bookgroup and am awaiting the arrival of my first text in the post-so interested to see the turn out and hear the perspectives of the other members and how to marry the concepts of third wave feminism with the positivity that I want to bring to my life along with independence and confidence.
I am quite into the way that fashion has been appropriating extreme sports giving high fashion girlie editorials a touch of skater cool its possible to like dresses and trucks. Boom its officially cool to not want to look glossy.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Surrealism Wow

Here is a post Fashion Week 'big up'. I adore the surrealism mixed with country tartan mixed with Disney influences at Jean Charles De Castelbajac. Who could fail to be cheered by a 101 Dalmation print jacket and glove bra?! Genius!

Paddys Day

Sparkly green st patricks day nails to hang out with my friends of equally as Irish decent as me ie half (big up the Irish mam club!) chillin out eating nutella on bagel, watching my so called life and discussing zines, an all in all great way to while a way a day celebrating the heritage of our for fathers.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


This weekend i went with my sister for a business meeting in Madrid for one day. 3 am starts were made better by McDonalds breakfasts, a warm day on the continent and the fact that the meeting went well. Spending time with her is always a good thing.Here are a couple of shots from m y trip-tea and croissants at The Inter Continental-yum yum with decadent surroundings,Deco buildings in town and beautiful night time plaza walks.

Oh sunny day

Reggae and ska is sure to make a sunny day shine brighter. I love these tune by the pioneers and tommy mccook and i love these images that i saw on carnaby street billboards this week, makes me want to wear nothing but fred perry's and mini skirts and get my hair cut into a bob. This music is something me and my dad share together and hunting for old trojan vinyl in deepest surrey is something that always cheers me, it is no wonder that these old tunes constantly influence the modern bands and designers that i like.

Positivity be ours

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Let's Dance

Tony Alva just bein a lord of Dogtown
Lauren Ward Photography - Falling in would feel nice.
Advanced Style - she knows herself
Tim Walker depicts spring in the best way

Let's be free, spring is here and self expression is beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Human Writes

I wrote some new articles which are up on famode.com about spring summer hair and make up. It is a model networking type site but its always good to do a bit of freelance and keep a bit busy. Plus there is nothing more cheery then spring colours and dip dyed hair!



Monday, 7 March 2011

Allways the bridesmaid....

I got my new true blue bridesmaid dress this weekend- so excited to wear it to my lovely friends wedding in may. Would snakeskin platforms be an appropriate match for a bright blue summer garden themed dress?

I can see a rainbow

I saw this rainbow in the car in Portsmouth. Sometimes it may not feel like it but their may be a rainbow around the corner?!

Here are some snaps from my pet sitting down by the coast. There is nothing better than a fluffy friend to bring you some much needed cheer- cats never judge you!

Friday, 4 March 2011


I am going to Madrid for the weekend next week with my lovely sister. Yay perhaps a bit of sun? probably some shopping, definitely some eating and photo taking!

Weekends away are officially good for the soul.

The Day of 2 Interviews.

Yesterday I had not 1 but 2 interviews so fingers crossed. In between the two meetings I went to Selfridges and looked at the sweeties and the colourful pencils yay.

I also had pink grapefruit ice cream which was in fact delicious!