Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oh my girl, where have you been?

This blog was originally founded in order to make me think of something cheerful each day even if I didn't feel much like being cheerful...however I have gone a bit by the way side and so in the absence of the job of my dreams I reclaim my seat in forcing myself to look on the bright side of things which are currently.....
1. the fact that in 20 days my sister is due to have her first baby & Im gona be an aunt! AMAZING
2. my boyfriends beard
3. Hannah has moved near me

Right lets get some pictures up eh

....I went to Portugal with my girl friends we sat on the beach, went to slide & splash & ate lots of yummy foods.

Plus I went to the last event of the Olympics to see GB get a silver it was rad...Thanks Dad for the tickets x

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