Wednesday, 3 October 2012

oh err Mrs

I am a sucker for a good TV Drama and ITV are killing it at the moment with Mrs Biggs (which is just my style, uber retro with big red hair) and The Bletchley Circle which was so clever. I wish I could be part of the writing team for such gripping stories that come straight to your tele box!

....behold picture of Sheridan Smith looking AMAZING as Mrs Biggs.

In news that involves me occasionally leaving the house, I am now an Auntie to the most beautiful Baby Boy in the whole wide world, (obviously) Axel.

Work is tinkering along, a new catalogue will be live in 2 weeks-there is always a sense of achievement when a project is finished.

Plus my lovely guy has arranged a few things for us to do this month including going to an indoor forest, a gig of a band I like and a surprise (!) which I literally have no idea what it is.

So lot sof things to be cheerful about.

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