Thursday, 27 October 2011

Laura Love

Last night I went to see Laura Marling on her UK cathedral tour, entitled When the Bell Tolls.
Westminster Central Hall "is not actually a cathedral", but as a functioning Methodist church, there was no alcohol served at the bar ( I had a diet coke and  bag of chips!), the ceilings were high and the acoustics amazing!
She had a lovely band of banjo. cello playing types, and Laura herself flitted between two acoustic guitars and some fantastic whistling!
She played all her great songs Sofia, Night Terror and  Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)which were all hauntingly beautiful, it was hairs on the back of the neck stuff especially as the themes of her songs tend to be love, with rhetoric about religion. Plus I got to go with my lovely friend Miller. When we left Big Ben was just chiming ten and the Abbey opposite was all lit up, it felt really special and beautiful, a great experience, very different from the usual gigs I go to!

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  1. Just visiting your blog for the first time and discovering Laura. thanks for the recommendation!