Wednesday, 6 July 2011

sunny sunshine

Long tiime no post, mainly as I have been busy with work and have found a new flat to move into (this weekend-scary/exciting/daunting stuff)

I went to a fantastic talk at Lomography about Social Media and their site, the use of 4 square (not sure I want people to know where I am all the time/is checking in to your mums house ever going to be of interest to anyone-although maybe she could make some online deals and put up a QR code on her door and offer limited meals for passer bys?!)

I am quite interested in how social media is constructed for businesses how do you make it sound natural/how to give content that is different to your own site etc? All interesting things.

In other news I really want to see the London street photography exhibition.

My oldest friend is coming over for dinenr tonight. so yay to that! x

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