Thursday, 24 January 2013

Orange Wednesdays

So my sporadic posts aren't up to much but I thought I would put a few movie posts up, The boy & I went to 30something films last year at the cinema & intend to smash that total this year (wild aren't we?!)

Last week was Gangster Squad (which I was excited about for weeks as a massive Ryan Gosling fan) and It didn't disappoint, a real glossy Hollywood film with great casting, great set design, amazing costumes, a humorous script & a good story. I thoroughly enjoyed it & wish I looked like Emma Stone!!!

This week was the turn of Django Unchained! This film is rad! The last blaxplotation film I saw was Sweetsweetsweetbackbadass so im not really up on the genre but Tarantino translated it so well into this powerful, gorgeous looking, genre film. It is so cool, like effortlessly cool with huge gore scenes and a great sound track plus Jamie Foxx is great in it. It was a bit weird seeing Jonah Hill pop up as a minor character (I found that kinda distracting and would've cast someone else) and it is very long (physically long but really holds your interest throughout-i almost wet myself because I didn't want to leave the film but needed the loo). Plus the posters are expected!

So next week I think it'll be Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln.

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