Monday, 11 February 2013


Last week was a VERY busy week, it was my boyfriends 30th so I took him to Paris for the day as a surprise and then organised a birthday party for him including baking an epic cake that took me 4 hours, dressing up a room in a pub etc so now I am exhausted, although I think he felt spoiled and happy so it was worth it.

As well as all of that we did manage to get to the cinema on Wednesday, we saw Lincoln, my boyfriend fell asleep halfway through-so that s a pretty good review..despite the fact that it looked amazing and is an interesting story with great actors the whole think is just one big monologue with very little pace change so it was a bit underwhelming, plus the heating in the cinema was broken which doesn't make for a great to see Flight this week hopefully it will be better!

We watched Inglorious Bastards whilst hungover yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed that, very funny with great costumes and a surprising twists..Tarantino is king.

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