Saturday, 2 April 2011

40s/50s Make up

Day 2 moved on to 1940s and 1050s starlet make up which I was very excited about as I have a penchant for winged eyeliner and red lips.

Our lovely tutor Claire showed up how to do the luminescent 1940s base, snarled red lips with 'shoulder pads' and then how to move this into the 50s with a more shapely brow (j'adore) and of course lashings of winged eyeliner. I usually use a liquid eyeliner and creating the same look with powder is actually quite tricky but with a few 'skin sketching' secret tips it was made a lot easier.

Day two I had the charming Amy as my model.

My next mission is to create a bolder 50s look with a modern twist but I must say I thoroughly enjoy creating a true to era look with this one!

Inspiration was of course the classics Doris Day & Marilyn Monroe.

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