Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oki Doki

Well now my mammoth task of posting my 4 illamasqua blogs is done so here is a quick round up of things that I have been up to these include....mooching around the east end between copious amounts of interviews (do you like my photo of an east end fish shop?), going charity shop shopping with the little sis ( I bought these glasses and some jeans-pug got an amazing ceramic dalmation worth £100 plus pounds by Beswick for a tenner-great find little one well done! Also as usual I am on the dachshund spot- here is a display at Lipsy in westfield with a cute one!
I have also had to have my hair cut due to the amount of meds im on ruining the condition- but on the plus side it does look in better condition, so thats about it.

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