Thursday, 11 August 2011

Any ideas?

How do you take something good out of a bad thing? Sometimes I do think it's quite hard to be cheerful and I miss that feeling in your tummy that you get when your happy, when you can'thelp but smile. Instead it all feels a bit grey and like your in a cloud.

Today is one such day, a day when you want to mope, curl up in your bed covers and hide, but unfortunatly one can't and indeed shouldn't do that.

I suppose when people dissapoint you, hurt you, and let you down you have to be brave enough to cut them out and remember your fuckin rad. If some one wants to get my an affirmation top like this ILL! one please do feel free and if we could all cross our fingers that something good is just around the corner, because quite frankly I'm tired of this shit.

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