Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mail Man

In other news I have just finished reading Post Office by Bukowski and it is tremendous. Lucky for me my house mate loves 60s beat writing as much as I do so I get to borrow her books for my commute to work. Post Office perfectly captures a dead end life monotonous job and hand to mouth existance. The protagonist Henry you neither like nor dislike, all I know is that I wouldnt want to go out with him, he seems to absolve himself from all responsibilities and drift around physically at times but mainly metaphorically.

In summary this book is easy to read, easy to enjoy, and easy to emphasise with given the current state of the job market.

Here is a little collage I made inspired by the book.

Maybe I will start doing a little book review with collage everytime I finish one.

I did also just read 'He's just not that into you' but it depressed me so might not bother with that one!

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