Monday, 15 August 2011

My First Time

Dr Martens have gone and done a cheeky little interactive ad campaign with the likes of Ms Deyn modeling and featuring in 'First & Forever' themed videos. Drawing on the idea of heritage and themselves as a mainstay of British teen fashion (everyone goes througha  Dr Martens phase, just as everyone goes through their first break up etc) they have really hit the nail on the head with customers wanting to be part of the campaign. So head over to their website to enter your first time and win some goodies, whilst your their oogle over their beautiful boots and the effortlessly cool Deyn.

So behold some of my first times......

Picture 1: My first time in NYC (wearing second hand DrMartens bought from a pawn shop in Boston MA on my first trip to Boston)

My first date: to see Jonny English (worst film ever) at Guildford Odeon, then went to pizza hut where he shared the price of one pizza and drank my coke refill! classy

My time getting drunk: school trip to Belgium for the day got so depressed at Ypres that we drank a bottle of Vodka and got the trip banned for all future classes-classy i know. Was sick for three days afterwards-even classier!

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